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Momento da Semana Harry Potter #15

  Esta meme foi criada pelo blogue Uncorked Thoughts e o objectivo é partilhar personagens, feitiços, objectos e citações dos livros/filmes de Harry Potter, da própria J.K. Rowling ou algo relacionado. Em cada semana é escolhido um tópico, já tendo vários sido discutidos como podem ver aqui. O tópico desta semana é o Pior Feitiço.

Quando vi este tópico a primeira coisa que me lembrei foi das Maldições Imperdoáveis: Cruciatus, Imperius e Avada Kedavra. Escolher entre uma delas não é fácil.

"Unforgivable Curses are the three most powerful and sinister spells known to the wizarding world, and are tools of the Dark Arts. They were first classified as "Unforgivable" in 1717. They are the Killing Curse, Avada Kedavra, the Cruciatus Curse, Crucio, and the Imperius Curse, Imperio.
Using any of these three curses on another human being, Muggle or wizard, will result in a life sentence to Azkaban, unless there is sufficient evidence that the caster did so under the influence of the Imperius Curse. Aurors were permitted to use them during the First Wizarding War, while under Lord Voldemort's regime in 1997-1998, the curses were made legal,[1] though this was presumably repealed following Voldemort's demise."
- fonte: Harry Potter wiki

Mas das três, a que mais me arrepia é a Imperius.

Description: Causes the victim to perform the unquestioned bidding of the caster.
The Imperius Curse places the victim in a trance or dreamlike state, leaving him or her under the complete control of the caster. The experience is described as a "wonderful release" from any sense of responsibility. The victim is calm, from doing things they would be physically incapable of otherwise, to committing horrible crimes, and they obey any order. (...)
Death Eaters have made use of this curse; (...). Many Death Eaters also claimed to be under the Imperius Curse during the First Wizarding War to avoid imprisonment in Azkaban.
Resisting the Imperius Curse is possible, but extremely difficult. Only those of a particularly strong will can achieve it. Harry Potter, Barty Crouch Sr. and Barty Crouch Jr. each learned to resist the curse after being subjected to its effects.


"Imperio" is a corruption of "Impero", Latin for "I command". 
- fonte: Harry Potter Wiki

4 comentários:

  1. I can definitely see why you picked this one. It freaks me out too. Imagine not having any control over yourself. I think the worst part about it is the obliviousness to that.

    1. I was to pick the Cruciatus but the pain is not so scary as not control yourself. Exactly! Is so creepy!

  2. I picked the same, because I think the pain is better than losing all control, maybe not even knowing it. Then just think of Neville's family. Absolutely horrible.
    All three are bad of course, but Imperio is super scary! Such a hidden powerful weapon.